Bye bye synchronicity

heartbeat normal sinus rhythm

I first considered trying to get custom software written to enable subtle synchronicity between the live music and the lighting.
The idea was to process the audio signal and output DMX controls. An approach that fits into Jim Campbell’s ironic formula for creating computer art, (an interactive model which we abandoned years ago in favor of less predictable and more chaotic reactive art).
Still synchronicity represented a valiant desire to add luminous voices to the audio polyphony.
To sing along.

I then made the decision to abandon synchronicity between music and light. Rhythmic synchronicity is a very wide-spread effect, as is visualization of music with patterns, luminosity and colors. This often lacks mystery. Obtaining something subtle and original requires more time and resources than we have.
So goodbye to the beat.

It seems more interesting to marry the polyphony with long rhythms that will create unpredictable and unexpected patterns.
Long rhythms address our experience of time differently than most music. Very long waves are less perceptible, or perhaps perceived less consciously than rhythms closer to those of our hearts, lungs and neurones.
So we hope to add something new.

21. December 2012 by benjamin
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