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Choir Staging

James Berlyn and I had a great Skype session. We refined the positions and movements for Joseph and the choir, and came up with this:

1. Tristis
a. start with mover downstage with heartbeat “bulb”
b. heartbeat spot on back wall above balcony
c. Joseph turns on his light, he is at center of balcony
Choirs sings neath vaults on either side

2. Seniores
Joseph is still at center of balcony but turned to face
Choir in the balcony

3. Jesum
Choir in straight line facing Joseph, then at end encircles movers
Two position options:
a. Around Judas and Jesus upstage
b. Around Jesus and 2 movers downstage

4. Eram
Two options:
a. Diagonal in between diagonal lights,
but difficult to position Joseph
b. Choir in angle backs to wall, facing Joseph upstage right

5. O Vos Omnes
Choir and Joseph moves from upstage to audience
Three options for movers: behind, in front or both

6. Tenebrae
Choir is in circle facing Joseph upstage center
the circle gets smaller
as the eclipse progresses

7. Velum
Joseph is under the Organ
Choir is on audience’s right

8. Aestimatus
Joseph is under the Organ
Choir is on audience’s left

9. Astiterunt
Joseph is under the Organ
Choir surrounds audience in U formation (on audience left front and right)

10. Animam Meam
If possible movement between 2 positions:
a. U formation with Joseph under organ
then Joseph goes down stairs to lead Choir to
b. Circle formation down stage center

If that’s not workable, between these 2 positions:
aa. Choir in front of audience in a line
with backs to audience facing Joseph down stage center
bb. Choir moves to form circle aro

20. January 2013 by benjamin
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